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I Appreciate Your Being Here

     Those that want to see more into my day to day life will get just that!

      I believe that society should not dictate how you, an individual, should live. Who says that we should dress, party, act or anything else, in a certain way simply because a person is a certain age or any age, really? Says who? BTW, since we are this topic, who are ‘they’. Are these trolls who are saying this? Are the ones that are saying this jealous haters because they are afraid to do what they feel because of the fear others might do just what they are in fact doing to others, judging? Social pressure? Why should what we do affect your life or your happiness at all? When what we do, does personally affects you, then, at that time, we’ll have a come to Jesus meeting? Lol. I wore white after labor day back when the ‘rule’ was in effect. Believe it or not, many times I was teased about that. In response, my constant reply was, I’m the one who buys my clothes, therefore; I feel that I should be able to choose what & when I want to wear my clothes.

     The reason that I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE Nicki Minaj’s song THE NIGHT IS STILL YOUNG is because that’s how I always lived my life, for the now. Then she had the nerve to use a track that tugs at my music soul? Bitch. Now I can’t get the song out of my head, even to this day. To me, the song means live your life so when you are in the proverbial rocking chair, you won’t say would’a should’a could’a ( how dare we sit quietly and watch our life pass us by ) At least try. I’ve always said that & lived that motto. To me, the song means, don’t waste your life zoned out on drugs / alcohol / worrying about how others are living their own lives or if they’ll judge you, etc. Don’t get it twisted, I drink responsibly, use 420 for medicinal purposes, ha ha, I’m saying keep your brain ‘here’ enough that life isn’t happening without you. To me, the song ( the night is still young ) means unless you are dead, LIVE! Enjoy each moment that you breathe! Do, think, feel while being true to who you are at the core. When you show confidence in this, you might just be surprised. People will actually be fascinated in your internal happiness. Don’t let society dictate how you should live your live. DO YOU. I seriously hurt deeply inside when people commit suicide over bullying, harassment of any kind, hate crimes…. We get no ‘do overs’. I’m still doing this, and this site is me doing me, as a woman over 50.

     MISSION I hope to give others this strength and confidence, no matter the age or who they are, and to live in a way that reflects just that, rather than to give in to this media flavor of ‘how much can I get?’ or ‘I have to seem to live larger than I really am’ or ‘if I don’t have this or that or live in a certain way, then I’m a lesser person’; all of this is harming our youth. I hope to pass / share this strength to those feel ‘less than’, insecure about their bodies, sexual orientation, etc. Why do I share my thoughts? I was picked on, made to feel less than worthy, not so pretty, made to feel different and more and let’s not even begin to mention racism. I was lucky, though, I was born with a strong enough of a personality to not give into peer pressure or to ‘give a fuck’ and be who I was. Not everyone is born with a strong dose like I was. Those experiences / feelings caused me to help others, who felt different, to ‘fit in’ and know that they are worthy because they were / are indeed worthy.

     I was often asked why I don’t stick to one style of clothing or looks, well, I love  keeping life interesting. Keeps my brain on point, not losing functions. Over time I realised that it’s not about me, it was a about them feeling inadequate in what they could be living freely. My clothes, well, I feel differently each day or week so I wore clothing/hair to match. Being multidimensional keeps my brain occupied and feeling alive. I don’t know about you but, I’m addicted to feeling alive (I just wanna enjoy the ride).

     This is me, living my life not giving a fuck if you don’t like it, move on. I want to share life & happiness to the others who like to see others in the light. NO TROLLS or Negativity allowed. Kisses! ♥ Deuces!

This is not a porn website or porn membership, as it used to be. If you wish to have a custom photo set or video for yourself, feel free to contact me = MsPink@veronicasfan.com

     Videography direction / choreography / all editing all done by me. This website is out of my own pocket, doing this site makes me very happy and gives my brain something to do that’s productive. Why not share my happiness.


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