These are not porn videos nor is this a porn website

     My store is of me being me, a woman over 50 (born 1963), loving & embracing life.  I don’t care about the ‘fakeness’ in the world today.  The battle scars of life are indeed on my body & you will see my imperfections.  Along the way, I hope to make a few of you smile and possibly see that it is ok for you to be the unique individual that you are with confidence.  All of my work is out of my own pocket, so please, be kind. Check back often to see newly added items.

Like me or move on, kisses whether you stay or not. This is me.

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Swimsuit Madness

Over 7 suits.  No 15 or 60 second clips here, nope. 60% footage never been seen, made just for this. Slow motion, close-ups in aaaaaallll the right places. Run time 11:13  favorite, already

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Holiday 2017

Valentines & xmas = Over 20 shots, most unseen. Video Run time 4:21 


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Live 11 13 17

Run time 10:12 

LIVE 12 4 17

Run time 7:38


School Girl

Hot for teacher? Love the librarian? School girl is is the library waiting for you ♥

21 photos & video run time 3:58

Badass Bitch

My hair slicked back with leather and platform thigh high black boots, music video,

Run time 4:12

Live 12 18 17

Run time 15:22

Live 12 11 17

Run time 8:39

Live 12 4 17

Run time 7:38

Live 11 27 17

Run time 9:37

Live 11 20 17

Run time 7:25

Doin Nothin'

Run time 5:43

Live 8 11 17

Run time 32.49


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