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Your Pleasure Is Our Passion!

the pursuit of pleasure; sensual self-indulgence.
synonyms: self-indulgence, pleasure-seeking, self-gratification the ethical theory that pleasure (in the sense of the satisfaction of desires) is the highest good and proper aim of human life.

Hedonism II Resort

Hedonism II breaks the boundaries of other Lifestyle-friendly, clothing optional resorts. Here, there’s never too much of a good thing. People travel from far and wide to live out their fantasies and escape their inhibitions. Leave the mundane day-to-day behind, explore yourself as you explore the sensual and liberating environment of Hedonism II Negril, Jamaica.

Decide on a clothing optional resort or nude vacation and be no one but your beautiful self. At our resort you can:
● Sleep in and stay up late.
● Give up counting calories.
● Have a drink before noon.
● Dine in shorts.
● Talk to strangers.
● Don’t make your bed.
● Go skinny dipping.
● Don’t call your mother.
● Let your hair down.

Hedonism II is a sandbox for your inner child, and nourishment for the mind, body, spirit, and soul. With absolutely everything included in one upfront price, you never have to think about money—not even tips—just what to do next…And, if you desire – with whom!



Stay as little as 4 days or stay the full 7  ROOM RATES Link

At this ALL INCLUSIVE clothing optional resort; diving, paddle board, Hobie cat / all meals (ages 21 + only)
(virtually accessible around the clock) and all drinks, alcohol and non, are included / A selection of wine, champagne are available with you for an additional cost & wine cooler store / You only need to pull out the green if you go into the gift shop, book a massage or go off grounds/ 4 bars, one of which is a piano bar with Karaoke / night club / themed nights, be as creative with it as you wanna be / stay as a couple, have your own personal room as a single or pay less to share a same sex room Yes, with a stranger / playroom / coffee bar / 21 and up / yes, passport is needed / travel insurance optional / spa, massage at the water’s edge / 2 pool bars / beach activities, games,

3 pools / rooms available with a Jacuzzi / mini casino / pool tables / nude beach and clothing optional beachfront sections / contests / most of all, come be

the inner you, you know, the one you hide when in public / Don’t judge anyone unless you want to be judged. Better still, leave any judging of people at home. Nothin’ but love should enter these sacred grounds … Come with me and ‘Be Wicked For A Week’ (or longer) I like staying no less than 10 days because 7 goes way too fast!

     I’ve been 11 times since 2010. While that may seem like a lot, there are those who have been over 55 times! Not sure about you, but that can only mean FUN! 

*Want to go on your own? * LMK so I can put you in touch with someone that’ll give you a good deal. * Sign up for the PARTY NEWSLETTER to keep up on information. Bring your own float, they can blow it up for you * Nightly stage shows … for questions about this event, room rates etc., PinkDivaTravel@hotmail.com

2018 September 14 through 21 – come early and or stay after. Fly into MONTEGO BAY SANGSTER airport. 


$200 Deposit to begin then pay as much/little as time approaches, START NOW because time flies!!!

  • Paid in full 120 days  before event NO REFUNDS at this point. The resort needs to have their numbers and what’s left as available. START NOW, time flies
  • Transfer fee – transportation to & from the resort is $50 for the round trip or catch a cab or charter a plane to fly you over the rest of the way
  • Don’t forget you need a plane ticket

ROOMS This depends, there are several options

ROOM RATES VARY – CHOICES link Need to share a same sex room to cut costs?

Gardenview, Gardenview Au Natural, Oceanview, Oceanview / Ocean view Au Natural / Ocean view Jacuzzi Terrace  / Ocean view Au Natural Jacuzzi Terrace / Ocean view Au Natural U / Gardenview Au Natural Premium / Oceanview Regular Premium / Ocean view Au Natural Premium 

  • Premium – cost more yet more fancy
  • Au Natural – nude side – $ more than non nude
  • Terrace – with balcony          CHOOSE then I can give you a quote

  • Money order, credit card, cashier’s check, VENMO
  • Travel insurance available but not mandatory (if something happens and you can not make it after all and you paid in full)
  • Theme nights
  • MONDAY- JAMAICA NIGHT A Jamaica themed party. Dress in the Jamaican colors Black, Green & Gold.
  • TUESDAY – BARE AS YOU DARE GLOW POOL PARTY. Dance under the stars and light up the night with all things glowing, blinking and flashing. Make a splash in your sexiest swimwear.
  • WEDNESDAY – FETISH NIGHT LEATHER & LINGERIE. One of the biggest and best event nights! Dress in leather & lingerie or whatever fetish you want to explore, then prepare to indulge your fetish fantasy
  • THURSDAY – TOGA & FOAM PARTY One of our most popular theme nights at Hedonism II, dress in your sexy toga for dinner, sign-up in the day to be a part of our talent show then hit the disco after our Toga Parade & Contest for our foam party at 11pm. Get slippery and wet in this high energy atmosphere. Dress Code – swimsuits or Togas.
  • FRIDAY – ROCK STAR Ever wanted to be a rock star? Live out the fantasy in this fun filled theme night.
  • SATURDAY – HATS & HEELS You can leave your hat on, but what else? Wear fedoras, heels and anything in between.
  • SUNDAY – HEDONISTIC SCHOOL GIRL Break all the rules you never could! Wear your short plaid skirts. Principals, nerds, and jocks you can join in the education, too. 

* Do NOT put your hands on a woman / male without permission. Bottom line is to Respect everyone, always or be removed from the group (the resort has & will eject you from the resort for misconduct. I’ve seen it happen) * NO PHOTOS of anyone without their permission nude or clothed. You aren’t going to want others to have record of what you do, respect the privacy of others, too. The resort has and will take your phone to delete photos even if security needs to get involved, fair warningIt’s my desire to not have an unruly stupid group. I will not tolerate such behavior. You banned from any future involvement, I don’t allow negativity in my life and I will not impose it on others just for a buck.