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Life is awesome, why? Son’s have been grown and gone since I was 41! 

34ddd-27-41      shoe 8.5 or 9 if no half sizes, if it’s not a platform shoe & it’s heels odds are that I won’t wear them. Knee / thigh & crotch high platform boot fetish. I love the way they look on me.

Veronica  7972 Pines Blvd #246111 Pembroke Pines FL 33024              

hair color – depends on what day it is, gotta keep it interesting, I get bored. Doesn’t hurt that guys get a different flavor, as a side benefit.

     Parents met in the military but divorced, so I got to travel compliments of a marriage breakup not the military. I think that’s how I got my love for traveling. I also think that it made me the mentally strong person that I am. I had to be strong to keep going no matter how much I missed the parent that I just left. I had to be strong to constantly be in new surrounds and make new friends, yet again. This has been a good thing as well as bad thing. People mistake this as being a need to be control, not true, it’s just that I’ve lived long enough to know what I want. I have lived through enough B.S. to see it coming. Funny when a young one comes at me ‘ready for a cougar’ and still bring the drama and games of a young one.  So why go down that road when I know the outcome? So, I get the name ‘hard ass’ and described as one who has ‘the need to be in control’. Call it what you want, I’m not going down the road that I’ve seen enough times to know, both of us are supposed to benefit, not just the one who wants to have me, lol.

     If a person sticks around long enough, they get to learn that I have a very soft heart and kinda sorta protect it by  not allowing anyone to take advantage of that fact. They also learn that I am an extremely loyal person.  Lastly, they get to learn that I am a person who not only doesn’t judge, but they know & feel that they can be their ‘true’ selves because I embrace who they are rather than judge.  It’s become ‘my drug’ to see another be free, being happy. I’m not caught up in this pretentiousness that plagues the world today. I’m not one person in public but a different one behind closed doors.  You’ll always get the real me.

     I could cry about my being teased about things when I was young, but instead, I turned it into helping those who are wearing the shoes that I once wore. I didn’t like that feeling so I help them feel something better, how to mentally deal with the situation. And there began my passion to try to give a smile to everyone that I meet.  We can take the rough, extremely rough beginnings and cry about it forever or we can find a way to spin it into something positive. Personally, I’d rather be happy.

     As I mentioned, my sons are adults and on their own, 23 when I had my 1st one. When the last one left the nest, I became a like a teen who had just moved out from home. I gave myself 4 years to cut wild. In the 5th year of this, I had a come to Jesus meeting with myself. The conclusion was that as long as work wasn’t treated like a toy, why did I need to stop enjoying life? Settle down for —- turn down for what? Not gonna end up in the proverbial rocking chair saying woulda, shoulda, coulda.